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BismillahirRahmanirRaheem My benefit for today is from Surah An-Naziat Ayat 34 where Allah says: “But there comes the great castrophe” Ibn Abbas said “ this refers to the day of judgement” Ibn Kathir said it has been called this because it will overcome every matter.It will be frightful and horrifying. This has benefited me by informing me that the day of judgement is more horrifying than every matter.

BismillairRahmanirRaheem My benefit for today is from Surat An-Naziat ayat 44 where Allah says: “To your Lord it is limited” Thus when Jibreel Asked the prophet about the time of the hour he said “ The one questioned about it knows no more than the questioner” This helps me to remember that the day of judgement is Known only by Allah even though he gives us signs to look for.



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