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AsalamuAlaikum My benefit from today is from SurahAnNaziat Ayat 21 where Allah says

"(But he denied and disobeyed.)" meaning, he (Fir`awn) rejected the truth and opposed

what Musa commanded him with of obedience. So what happened with him was that

his heart disbelieved, and Musa (i.e., his call) could not internally or externally affect it.

Along with this, his knowledge that what Musa had come to him with was the truth, did

not necessitate his being a believer in it. This is because recognition is the knowledge of

the heart,and faith is its action. And it (faith) is to comply with the truth and submit to it.

This is an explantion in itself but this tells me You dont have to tell people your a muslim

if you BE a muslim.



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