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Saddiqua Muhammad Black bint Elijah
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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

"Look at how Allah restricts the occurrence of evil with His statement, 'when he envies.' Because sometimes people carry envy, but conceal it. In so doing, they might not cause any harm with their heart, tongue, or hands to anyone. Rather, this person treats their brother or sister in a manner that is pleasing to Allah, in spite of these traces of envy within. Only a few, those who are protected by Allah, are free from the effects of this evil."

It was said to Hasan Al-Basri,

"Does the believer carry envy?" He replied, "Have you forgotten the story of Yusuf and his brothers?"

read more from pages 16 - 19

Levels of envy ~~

1. To envy is to desire the removal of Allah's blessings from their owner.

2. To hope misfortune follows the servant of Allah (as a shodow would follow its object.) The envious one wishes that the object remains ignorant, poor, weak, and hopes that their heart separates from Allah. Wishing that the religion of the one they envy remains deficient.

3. Hasad al-Ghibtah (to covet happiness) with no desire that the person lose their blessing from Allah. There is no objection to this level of envy. Rather it is close to al-Munafisah mentioned in the ayat of al-Mutaffifeen:26

"...and for this let (all) those strive who want to strive."

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