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Saddiqua Muhammad Black bint Elijah
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His parents were righteous people. His father Sa`eed ibn masrooq Ath-Thauree, was also a trustworthy scholar of Kufah and trusted Imam. His companions were scholars such as Ash-Sha`bee and Khaithamah ibn Abdur-Rahmaan.

Not much is known about his mother, except for the narrations mentioned.

Not much is known about his wives. But it is known that he was married.

Imam Sufyaan had only one child, a son who died at an early age.

His entire estate was inherited by his sister and her son, Ammaar ibn Muhammad.

He had three brothers: Al-Mubaraak, Habeeb, and Umar. He had one sister, not much is mentioned about her.

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