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Laila Logan
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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

As Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Jumadal-Akhair 7,1432/May10,2011

Stories of The Prophet Benefit


So far from reading The Stories of The Prophet book, my favorite story was on Prophet Ibrahim (alaihi wa salaam). Durring the time of Ibrahim (alaihi wa salaam) some people worshipped idols of stone and wood, some worshipped planets, stars, the sun,and the moon, and others worshipped their kings and rulers. Ibrahim's father was not only an idol worshipper but an idol maker. Ibrahim began to dislike idols at the age of seven. When he became a man, Ibrahim (alaihi wa salaam) began to recieve revealation. He would warn his people that worshipping other than Allah was upon falsehood and his people knew he was right,but because their forefathers worshipped other than Allah, they worshipped other than Allah. Ibrahim (alaihi wa salaam) couldn't understand why his people worshipped things that could not stand, eat,or move by themselves, so to make his point he came up with an idea. One night the people of Ibrahim (alaihi wa salaam) were throughing a celebration across the river, while they were celebrating Ibrahim (alaihi wa salaam) went to the temple were the idols were placed and began smashing the idols with his axe. Ibrahim (alaihi wa salaam) smashed all but one of the idols.After Ibrahim (alahi wa salaam) destroyed the idols, his people returned to the temple and saw that their "gods" had been destroyed. Ibrahim's name came to their mind. The people asked Ibrahim (alahi wa salaam) if he had destroyed their idols but Ibrahim blamed it on the idol which he did not destroy. The people then took Ibrahim (alaihi wa salaam) on trail and asked Ibrahim if he had destroyed their idols again. Again, Ibrahim blamed it on the one idol that he hadn't destroyed in order for the people to relize that it had to be him, Ibrahim, who destroyed the idols because the idols themselves can't walk, talk, eat,etc. Ibrahim's (alahi wa salaam) plan worked but out of the people's arrogance they punished him. They came up with the idea to through him in a large fire.When the people threw Ibrahim (alahi wa salaam) in the fire, the fire became cool and comfortable by the will of Allah. Before Ibrahim (alahi wa salaam) was thrown in the fire Jabril (alaihi wa salaam) approached him and asked if Ibrahim wished for anything, but Ibrahim (alahi wa salaam) wished for nothing. Because of the coolness of the fire, Ibrahim (alahi wa salaam) did not burn but the bonds that were tied around his hands and his feet burned. While in the fire, Ibrahim (alahi wa salaam) sat in the middle of it as if it were a garden and began praising Allah ta'ala. There was also a time where Ibrahim questioned the Day of Ressurection. To prove that it was true, Allah ta'ala commanded Ibrahim to get four birds and cut them into different parts, place them on separte mountains, and call them back to him. When Ibrahim (alaihi wa salaam) did this all four birds returned to him and his suspicion of the last day was gone. Masha Allah, i enjoyed this story and can't wait to read some more.


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