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Ibn Nufail bin Abdul-Uzza bin Riyah bin Abdullah bin Qurt bin Razah bin Adi bin Ka`b bin Luai bin Ghalib. His lineage meets the Prophet's at Ka`b bin Luai.


His mother was Hantamah bin Hashim. They say he was Hisham bin Al-Mughirah bin Abdullah bin Umar bin Makhzum. He accepted Islam in Makkah and both of them had the distinction of witnessing all the battles with the Messenger of Allah (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallaam).


His children:

Abu `Abdur-Rahman (Having the name Abdullah) accepted Islam early and migrated with his father to Al-Madinah. He was known as one of the prominent Companions of the Messenger of Allah (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallam)


Hafsah, (the daughter of Umar), the wife of the Prophet (salla Allahu alaihi wa sallaam). Her mother was Zainab bint Maz`un- the sister of Abdullah, the brother of Rasulullah (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallaam) in breastfeeding.


Aasim bin Umar was born during the lifetime of the Prophet (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallaam). His mother was Umm Aasim Jamilah bint Thabit bin Abul Aqlah.


Zaid-ul-Akbar (the older) and Ruqayyah, were both the children of Umm Kulthum bint Ali bin Abu Talib.

Zaid asfram (the younger) and Ubaidullah were the children of Umm Kulthum bint Jarwal Al-Khuza`iyah.


Abdur Rahman (the older), Abdur-Rahman the middle, called Abu Shahmah, was lashed for drinking wine. His mother was the freed slave named Lihayyah. She was called Ummu Walid because she had a child which freed her.


Abdur Rahman the youngest, was also the son of a freed female slave, her name was Fakihah.

Iyad bin Umar, whose mother was Aatikah bint Zaid bin bin Amr bin Nufail.


Abdullah the youngest was the son of Sa`idah bint Rafi Al-Ansari, from the tribe of Amr bin Awf.

Fatimah bint Umar. Her mother was Umm Hakim bint Al-Harith bin Hisham.


Ummul-Walid bint Umar, about whom there is speculation about her existence. Some doubt whether there was a daughter of Umar (radiAllahu anhu) known as Ummul-Walid or it is the nickname of Fatimah.


Zainab bint Umar who was the sister of the younger Abdur-Rahman.


Umar (radi Allahu anhu) remained caliph for ten years and six-and a half months. He was killed at the end of Dhul-Hijjah 23 AH, at the age of 63, the same age as the Messenger of Allah (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallaam), and his friend Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (radi Allahu anhum)

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