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excerpts from pages 13-15


Allah's statement...and the evil of the envious one when he envies includes the jinn and mankind. Shaytan and his troops envy the Son of Adam for their superiority granted to them by Allah. As Iblis hated our father Adam, he is an enemy to us as well.


"Surely, Shaytan is an enemy to you, so take (treat) him as an enemy." Al-Fatir: 6


However, the whispers are particular to the shayateen among jinn and hasad is more particular to the shayateen among men. Nevertheless, the whispers emanate from both of them and envy consumes both of them, as you will see. The devil among jinn and men are envious whisperers. So seek refuge from all kinds of evil.


There are four types of evil requiring Allah's protection:


1) general evil or the evil that was created;

2) the evil of the nightfall;

3) the evil of the envious one;

4) the evil of the sorcerer.


The last two are divided into groups.


First the evil of the envious person, and the evil of the sorcerer originate from a wicked soul. Second, as we mentioned earlier, one of them, the sorcerer relies on the shaytan's help and worships him. Their sorcery seldom emerges without some kind of worship to Shaytan and their drawing near to their master. They might slaughter an animal in his name or sacrifice the creature with Shaytan in mind, which is clearly an act of shirk. Although a sorcerer may not call any of this worshiping Shaytan, to the contrary it is worship.


... The second group, the envious one, is aided by the Shayateen without having to ask. The reason is that they are shaytan's agent and representative; the reason is that both the envious one and Shaytan are enemies who detest Allah's blessings in which He gives to His servants. 

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