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The prophet(sallahi alahi salam) kunya was abdul qasim.His parents name are,aminah bint wahab and his father abdullah bin muttalib.He the prophet(sallahi alahi salam),was born on a monday in the year of the elaphant.He also had six aunts from his fathers side named,Aatikah,Saffiyah,Arwa,Umaimah,barrah and Umm hakim bint abdul muttalib.His father also had a brother named abd hanaf.Some say his father died when he was only a fetus,his mother when he was 2months old.His grandfather died when he was years of age.he also had five names,he was muhammed,Ahmed he is al-mahi,he is Al-hush and last of all he is Al-aqib.Some of his kids were,Umm kulthoom,ruqaiyah,zainab,ibrahim qasim and fatimah.He also had some animals,he had camels,which he used for milking and ridding.He had horses one by the name of lizaz which was a gift from Al-muqqaqis,Sabhah was arce horse,He also had a mule named Al-Duhu,which he would ride during his journeys.And he had 107 goats,Subhannalah



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