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Saddiqua Muhammad Black bint Elijah
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Three statements are attributed to the word "origin."


a) The origin of something is its root. The Arabic saying, "if there is no lineage, there is no distinction" is derived from this. Hence, the starting point of a person is their ancestry, through whom family nobility is achieved.


b) The second definition ascribed to the word, "the origin of something comes first." The root of a tree for example, or the base of a mountain comes first.


c) The origin is the beginning that builds up within and spreads from something.


(For our purposes), the first and the third statements embody the aim of our investigation. We intend with the words, "origins of evil", the fountainheads of evil and anything that springs from them, because the types of evil are too many to count. However, it may be possible to attach a number to its sources. Concerning these roots of evil, Allah The Most High said:


"And the parable of an evil word is that of an evil tree uprooted from the surface of the earth having no stability." Ibrahim: 26

to be continued... inshaAllah page 2

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-Aishah L.

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