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Abu Talib ibn Abd Al-Muttalib


In (549 – 619) Abu Talib ibn Abd Al-Muttalib was an Arab leader, the head of the clan of Bani Hashim. He was married to Fatima bint Asad and was an uncle of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Abu Talib raised and supported the prophet muhammad from when he was eight years old, after his parents and grandfather had died. The son of Abu Muttalib and Fatimah bint Amr, Abu Talib was one of many children. He was a full brother of the Mohammad's father, 'Abdullah ibn 'Abdul Muttalib, who became severely ill and died before Muhammad birth. He was a scion of the noble Bani Hashem clan. As such, he had a high status and much respect among the Meccans, and owned a prosperous trading business.


After the death of Muhammad's mother Aminah bint Wahab, Muhammad was taken into the care of Abdul Muttalib (father to Abu Talib, grandfather to Muhammad). When Muhammad reached 8 years of age, he went under the care of Abu Talib as a result of the death of Abdul Muttalib. When Muhammad grew older, he began to work for his uncle, and he took responsibility for Abu Talib's son Ali ibn Abu Talib. Ali was the first child to accept the call to Islam (the first being Lady Khadijah).


When an economic crisis struck Mecca, Abu Talib was heavily affected, and so Muhammad asked his uncles Hamza and Al-Abbas to help his uncle Abu Talib by adopting some of his children. They discussed this matter with Abu Talib, who said to them "Leave Aqeel to me and take whoever you want!" Abu Talib loved Aqeel greatly. Al-Abbas chose Talib and Hamza chose Jafar and Muhammad chose Ali. Muhammad then said to them "I have chosen who Allah has chosen. Three years had passed since Mohammad received the first revelation before Allah ordered him to publicize it by revealing to him the verse "And warn your nearest kin" Mohammad received this order and was determined to invite people to Islam. He asked his cousin Ali to invite the Hashimites, the children of Abdul Muttalib, the children of Nawfal, and other children of Abd Manaf, and asked him to serve a meal of a sheep leg, about one kilo of wheat, and three litres of yogurt. The invitees, who were forty men among whom were Al-Abbas, Abu Lahab etc., came. Mohammad offered the food and said to them, "Eat in the name of Allah". They had food and yogurt until they were full. Even though the food was not much, they all became full, and they were astonished at that fact. Mohammad wanted to start speaking, Everyone was silent except Ali who said passionately, "I, Oh Prophet of Allah, will be your vizier on it." But Abu Lahab quickly interrupted by saying "We have not seen magic like this of today. Let us leave!" All of them parted, some of them mocking and making fun of Mohammad. Mohammad did not get a chance to speak. The next day, Mohammad once again invited them for a meal. They ate and drank and then Mohammad stood up and made a speech before them saying: "O children of Abdul Muttalib, by Allah, I do not know that a young man amongst the Arabs has brought to his people a thing better than what I have brought you. (i.e. Islam) I have brought to you the good of this life and of the afterlife, and Allah the Almighty has ordered me to invite you to it. Which of you shall support me in this matter to be my brother, guardian and successor among you?"


Everyone was silent again except Ali who said passionately, "I, Oh Prophet of Allah, will be your vizier on it." Mohammad put his hand on Ali's neck and addressed the attendants saying "This is my brother, guardian, and successor among you. You should listen to and obey him." They began mocking, saying to Abu Talib, "He orders you to listen to and obey your son!" The people lent Mohammad deaf ears and none of them responded to him except his uncle Abu Talib, and Abu Talib's son, Ali Abu Talib was on his death-bed when the Quraish leaders of Mecca came to visit him and Mohammad to ask them to stop preaching the Islamic message or to settle a religious agreement. The death of Abu Talib happened in year 619 or 623 , at around the same time as Mohammad's wife Khadijah. This year was known as the saddest year of the life of Mohammad, the Year of Sorrow. With the death of his uncle and wife, Muhammad had then lost all protection.

Shortly after the death of both his uncle and wife, Muhammad was ordered by Allah to leave Mecca and go to Yathrib (Medina) because his life was going to be in grave danger if he stayed in Mecca, while the Quraish leaders of Mecca tried to kill him and his companions for preaching the Islamic message. And so, Muhammad and his Muslim followers performed the first year of Hijra, which was the year of Muslims to migrate to Yathrib.


*Please share your source of information inshaAllah, barakAllahu feekum

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