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Asalamu aleykum My dear sisters,

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem, today one benefit I found the narration of Abdullah ibn umar when Umar said "O messenger of Allah! Do you think that the deeds that we do are a matter that is already predetermined or are they something just beginning or new?" The prophet Salla Allahu aleyhi wasalam replied: " It is something that has already been predetermined. Therefore, work deeds, O son of Al-Khattab! For verily each person will have things made easy for him. So whoever is from the people of happiness then he will work deeds for happiness, and whoever is from the people of misery, then he will work deeds for misery." This reminds us not to just think you cant do anything because it has been already predetermined so you can be whatever now but it will be made easy for each of us so if your from the people of happiness then you will work deeds for happiness, and if your from the people of misery you will work deeds of misery. May Allah make us from those on the straight path and protect us from deeds of misery ameen!


Benefit number 2:

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem, My benefit number two from our tafsir section today was from the ayah " and Who has in mind no favour from anyone to be paid back. Excpet to seek the face of his lord, the most high. He surely, will be pleased." this reminds us that when we give sadaqa it has to be purely for allah and we should never expect anyone to return us something for giving them sadaqah because this is for Allah. May Allah protect us from falling into that Ameen!

Today we did the tafsir of surah Al-Layl.


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