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Bismillah Rahman Rahim


Salam alaikoum warahmatoulah wabarakatouh


Benefit 4 and 5 from surah Abasa verses 33-42


Benefit 4: That Day shall a man f lee f rom his brother, and f rom his mother and his father, and f rom his wife and his children. ) Qatadah said, "The most beloved and then the next most beloved, and the closest of kin and then the next closest of kin -- due to the terror of that Day. '' Reflecting on the later, made me think of mothers particularly and how they would give anything for their children, however, we are informed that our mothers will not be of any aid.. they will actually reject us. May Allah preserve us from this day and make us of those who are under His shade.


Benefit 5: (38. Some faces that Day will be bright , ) (39. Laughing, rej oicing at good news. ) (40. And other faces that Day will be dust - stained. ) (41. Darkness will cover them. ) (42. Such will be the disbelieving, the wicked evil doers. )

In the last Ayats of surah Abasa, its a great show of how balanced Islam is. Thus, we are always hopeful and fearful. It reminds me that I should be hopeful that I Allah will allow us to enter His Jennah but then again there is a threat of His wrath which we seek refuge from. May Allah forgive us and makes us of those who He is pleased with

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