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Hanifah Abdul-latif
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Asalamu alaikum

Hanifah T. Abdul-Latif

Benefits from surah ‘Abasa 1&2


My first benefits are from ayahs 10 and 16

10 {Of him you are neglectful and divert you attention to another}

Meaning, ‘you are to busy.’ Here Allah commands’ His messenger (Salalahu alayhi was salaam) to not single out anyone out with the warning. Rather, he should equal warn the noble and the weak, the poor and the rich, the masters and the slaves, the men and the woman, the young and the old. Then Allah will guide whomever He choses to a path that is straight. He has the profound wisdom and the decisive proof.


What I learned from this is that when you give dawwah (to call to righteousness) you do not single out anyone you are calling to, meaning, call to everyone.


16 {Honorable and obedient.} Meaning they are noble, handsome, and honorable in their creation. Their character and their deeds are righteous, pure and perfect. Here it should be noted that it is necessary for one who carries the Quran (i.e.,the angle) to be following righteousness for guidance.


What I learned from this is that the angles are perfect in  everyway that Allah made them in.



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