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Hanifah Abdul-latif
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Asalam Alaikum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatuhu

Hanifah T. Abdul-Latif

Benefits from surah Naziyat 27-33


My benefit is from ayah 23 and 29:


{23; And the mountains He has fixed firmly}

Meaning, He settled them, made them firm, and established them into there places. And He is the Most Wise, the All-Knowing. He is Most Kind to His creation, Most Merciful.


What I learned (from previously) that the mountains keep the earth’s ground still or keeps it from shaking to much.


{29; Its night He covers and He brings out its forenoon.}

Meaning, He made its night dark and extremely black, and its day bright, luminous, shining, and clear. Ibn ‘Abbās said, ‘He did Aghtasha of its night means that He made it dark.” Mujāhid, ‘Ikrimah, Sa’īd bin Jubayr and a large grop of people said this as well.


What I learned from this is that Allah changes night to day and back to night, He will raise the sun from the west on the day of judgement. In the story of Musa (Alayhis-Salam) Firāawn claimed to be the only god and he could do anything, so Musa told him to raise the sun from the west, and he could not, only because Allah has the power to do that, not just some rich man that claims himself to be god. So this is the proof that only Allah can raise the sun and cover the nights.



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