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Bismillah Rahman Rahim


Assalam alaikoum warahmatoulah wabarakatouh

Benefits taken from Verse 14-26 of Surah Naziat


1. As I reread the tasfir of the above mentioned ayat, it was interesting to remark that Allah mentions that He addressed Musa(peace be upon him) on a SACRED valley..not just any valley, but a sacred Valley..what makes it sacred? Allah says its Sacred( verse 16) When his Lord called to him in the sacred valley of Tuwa,


Verse 17-19, A beautiful and gentle invitation from Allah was sent to pharaoh. Allah told Musa(peace and blessings upon him) what to say to pharaoh. Though Allah knew the condition and response of pharaoh.


Verse 20, Musa(peace be upon him) was not only sent with a gentle invitation, but with some tangible sign for him to see and submit.


The state of pharaoh was made clear not only to others, but to himself,(for Allah is All Knowing). Evidently, pharaoh was rebellious and extremely arrogant, hence he summoned his people and claims the unclaimable(And said, "I am your most exalted lord."verse 24) and thus, he became destroyed and an example.


The above made me reflect on the many times we get into arguments and in order to save face, we stick to falsehood making our situation worse.


As we have seen what was the end of the pharaoh, we must overcome our egos and nafs, that when truth to adopt it and meet our shortcomings with repentance instead of arrogance and defiance.


Allahu Alam..


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