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Hanifah Abdul-latif
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Asalamu alaikum


Hanifah T. Abdul-Latif


Islamic Studies for Quran and Tafsir starting from ayat 17-31


My first benifit is from Ayat 25:


{Except Hamim and Ghasiq} Abu Al-Aliyah said, "The Hamim has been made an exception to the coolness, and Ghasiq is the the exception to drink." This has also been said by Ar-Rabi' bin Anas. In referance to the Hamim, it is the heat reached to it's maximum teperature and point of boiling.

My second benifit from ayat 23:

{They will abide therin Ahqab} "In referance  to Ahqab, it has no specific amount of time other than then its general meaning of eternity in the Hellfire. However, they have mentioned that the Huqb is seventy years, and every day it is like one thousand years according to your reckoning (in this life)



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